Synchronize    System

Principal of work

Simply I wee need to synchronize  min 2 generator ( or main )   we should insure  the following condition

  1. Voltage matching
  2. Frequency matching
  3. Phase angle  ( rotation )
  4. No reverse power

1-Single line diagram :  make simple single line  for the  function need  then select the controller and then regarding to generator  size  select  breaker  calculate the busbar size to make optimum performance

parallel genset dengan pln

To make the operation done well we need to know the generator controller ECM and the alternator controller AVR to make us the smooth synchronization and make earth protection for all system and be sure no reverse power to prevent generator work as motor


Piano Panel :

For more detail of working generator in synchronize mode  we make piano panel make the costumer see all the generator parameter and control its  form this panel  to make more soft  control