The DKG-107 is a low cost microprocessor based digital unit offering all basic functions needed for the automatic control of a genset including changeover contactors.

The unit fits into a standard 72x72mm panel meter opening and offers a very cost effective and space saving solution for the basic genset control.

In automatic mode, the unit monitors 3 phases of the mains and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generator.

When the engine is running, the unit monitors fault conditions and shuts-down the engine automatically in the occurrence of an alarm.

The alarms are identified by a group of LEDs displaying only the first occurring one.

DKG-107 provides factory adjusted timers. However it has Oil Level Switch and 60Hz options selected by jumper switches and a potentiometer adjusted low voltage limit situated at the bottom of the unit.



  • Automatic engine starting and stopping
  • Automatic mains failure monitoring
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Automatic shutdown on fault condition
  • 3 phase mains voltage inputs
  • 1 phase genset voltage input
  • Survives cranking dropouts
  • Mains phases voltage limit checking
  • Generator phase voltage limit checking
  • Delayed overspeed and underspeed alarm
  • Lamp test
  • 50/60Hz operation
  • Selectable Oil pressure/Oil level switch
  • Sealed front panel
  • Plug-in connection system for easy replacement
  • Standard panel dimensions, (72x72mm) Low cost




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