The DKG-207 is a comprehensive AMF unit for a single generating set operating in standby mode.

In AUTOMATIC position, DKG-207 monitors mains phase voltages and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of the generating set in case of a mains failure and once the generator is running, it monitors internal protections and external fault inputs.

If a fault condition occurs, the unit shuts down the engine automatically and indicates the failure source with the corresponding red led lamp.

The operation of the unit is controlled with front panel pushbuttons. The TEST, AUTO and OFF pushbuttons select the operating mode. Other buttons select the display parameter scroll, alarm mute and lamp test functions.

The DKG-207 provides a comprehensive set of digitally adjustable timers, threshold levels, input and output configurations and operating sequences. The unauthorized access to program parameters is prevented by the program lock input.

All programs may be modified via front panel pushbuttons, and do not require an external unit.



  • Automatic mains failure
  • Engine control
  • Gas engine support
  • Generator protection
  • Built in alarms and warnings
  • 3 phase mains voltage inputs
  • 1 phase genset voltage input
  • 1 phase genset CT input
  • Engine oil pressure measurement
  • Engine coolant temperature measurement
  • Genset active power measurement (1 phase)
  • Genset power factor measurement (1 phase)
  • Periodic maintenance request indicator
  • Daily / weekly / monthly exerciser
  • Statistical counters
    Field adjustable parameters
  • Logic level serial port used with the optional RS-232 adapter
  • Free MS-Windows Remote monitoring SW:
  •     -local, LAN,  IP and modem connection
  •     -monitoring, download of parameters
  • LED displays
  • Configurable analogue inputs: 2
  • Configurable digital inputs: 5
  • Configurable relay outputs: 2
  • Total relay outputs: 6
  • Remote Start operation available
  • Survives cranking dropouts
  • Sealed front panel
  • Plug-in connection system for easy replacement
  • Small dimensions (130x100x39mm)



  • CE Safety Certificate
  • CE EMC Certificate
  • UL-CSA Certificate


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